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After China’s ban on foreign garbage, Japan was in trouble, and the export volume of plastic waste dropped sharply with huge impact

According to a survey conducted by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in March, more than 30% of the wastes in Japan exceeded the national standard, which is three times higher than the survey in July last year. After China banned the import of foreign garbage, Japan’s garbage disposal was in trouble, and the Japanese government called on local governments to reduce waste. Japanese media said that according to the analysis of Japan's Institute Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), the amount of plastic waste exported by Japan in 2018 was 30% lower than that of 2017. China, which is the largest export destination for raw materials for recycled materials, has been worried about environmental pollution. Since the end of 2017, it has strictly restricted domestic acceptance of such garbage, resulting in a sharp drop in Japan’s export volume and huge impact.