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Technology hegemony is to hinder development and progress - refusal to compete will fail

"If a cause is good for society, it should let it be free, broaden its competition, and the more free and more competitive, the more favorable the cause will be to society." In the context of the deepening of economic globalization, Adam Smith’s sentence Still inspiring.

What is horrifying to the world is that some politicians in the United States have turned against the trend of the times and waved the banner of hegemonism in science and technology. They attempted to squeeze the space of international cooperation by arbitrarily rejecting competition and suppress the legitimate rights and interests of other countries.

For some time, the US government has abused the power of the state and has frequently opened fire on Chinese high-tech companies such as Huawei, which has been struggling to reach the forefront of the world. In the absence of any factual basis and conclusive evidence, it is an excuse to use the so-called “stealing secrets” and threatening “national security” to prohibit the participation of Huawei in the construction of US telecommunications equipment, especially the 5G equipment network; In addition, with a paper administrative ban, Huawei and its subsidiaries were included in the "list of entities" for export control, and a number of US companies were controlled to "discontinued" Huawei... with "presumption of guilty" smear, using state power to deliberately suppress, and even require relevant Enterprises "groups" contain containment, such behavior, how unreasonable, and how hegemony!

As a technological power and economic power in the world, the US should understand the laws governing the development of science and technology and understand the benefits of market competition. However, some American politicians deliberately ignore common sense and frequently interfere with normal scientific and technological cooperation and market competition. If they can't find a reason, let's say "national security." People can't help but wonder if it can threaten the "national security" of the United States, then this number one technology power is too weak. The discerning person knows at a glance that the reason why the US side suppresses Chinese enterprises on the grounds of "national security" is nothing more than to curb the momentum of China's scientific and technological development, and to maintain the international industrial division of labor in the high-tech market such as 5G technology. Monopoly gains space and time. Such a plot exposes the hegemonic mentality of the United States that "only allows itself to develop and not allow others to progress"; such behavior reflects the tyrannical overbearing that the United States has always been "a big one, the winner takes all".

There is an old saying in China that is called "the winner is strong." In the face of competition, the best practice has never been to discredit opponents, but to improve their own strength. In order to maintain the leading edge of science and technology, the United States should make great efforts to upgrade its domestic enterprise technology and enhance its competitiveness. Some people, such as the former White House’s chief strategic adviser Bannon and the US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, have made a big fuss and tried to render “ China has brought 'the greatest danger to survival' to the United States. "China wants to replace the US's technological dominance and has been stealing," and claims that "the 5G competition is a game that the United States must win." In fact, using despicable means to suppress competitors and artificially block mutually beneficial cooperation will not only boost US information technology progress, but will only force US companies to use backward but expensive alternative equipment to lag behind other countries in the construction of 5G networks. It is impossible to turn "fake prestige" into "true skill" by using a non-normal means to establish a temporary "protective umbrella" for the development of the country.

ome philosophers have referred to "noble competition" as "the source of all outstanding talents." The basic feature of a market economy is competition. A fair and benign competitive environment can continuously stimulate the vitality of market players, promote orderly flow of production factors, efficient allocation of resources, deep integration of markets, and promote high-quality economic development. At the beginning of the 20th century, Ford and GM in the United States were in the benign in a healthy competition between them, both of which achieved their respective brands and made the US automobile industry bigger and stronger.

A United States that slams its mouth and advertises "free competition" and "market economy" can not rationally treat competition, ignore international trade rules, and sway trade protectionism, suppress other countries' technology enterprises, and  how can the United States win the trust of the international community if its words and actions are so inconsistent?

The United States' refusal to compete is to hinder development and progress. "Blocking" opponents cannot guarantee their leading position. Unfair means is by no means the "trump card" of the United States in an invincible position. Those American politicians who are keen on engaging in technological hegemony should think about why, even though some politicians in the United States have tried their best to obstruct Chinese companies from participating in global competition, the major companies in Silicon Valley in the United States still rush to deliver Chinese enterprises before the ban takes effect. Why did the United States make up various reasons and repeatedly deliberately discredit Huawei, and the countries of the world continue to choose to cooperate with Huawei? The reason is that cooperation is a win-win cause and to be able to expand the interests of all parties. Rejecting competition will only impact the global supply chain and add unnecessary risks to the world economy.

A few decades ago, under the difficult conditions of the Western blockade, China still created "two bombs and one star." Today, the pace of China's scientific and technological innovation development will not stop because of the noise and interference of some US politicians. I would like to advise those American politicians that they want to use power to dominate the strong momentum of China's scientific and technological progress, and want to use the right to chase and block the legitimate right to develop and grow in China, which is destined to be a waste of effort! The trend of the times is unstoppable. It is impossible for the United States to maintain its leading position by playing smart and cleverand engaging in deviant ways.