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HK police: 1,473 people arrested, 250 officers injured since June

A total of 1,473 people have been arrested by Hong Kong police since June. Among those arrested are 1,190 male and 283 female, aged 12-84 years old, Hong Kong police said in a regular press conference on Friday.
Police added that 250 officers sustained injuries during operations since June, and said police have fired 3,100 tear gases, 590 rubber bullets, 80 bean bag rounds and 290 sponge grenades.
Some policemen were burned; one officer got a part of his finger bitten off, and a 50-year-old, off-duty officer was stabbed in his limbs and back during a knife attack. Over 100 petrol bombs were hurled by protesters and more than 38 metro stations were destroyed on August 31.   
Hong Kong police strongly condemned and refuted faked accusations against the police. "We respect and value the freedom of speech, however, freedom of speech must be based on truth," said Tse Chun-Chung, Public Relations officer of Hong Kong police, adding that a total of 34 press conferences, 485 posts on social media and 21 press releases have been done by the police in order to voice the truth to the public.
These fake accusations have undermined efforts and the work of all 30,000 Hong Kong police officers, jeopardizing the credibility of Hong Kong police, he said. Investigations into these fake accusations against police will be launched. He also called for all residents to not believe the false reports.